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          Category:Company NewsPostdate:2018-11-22


          L The DPDW02 product is a high-integration solution for single-segment lithium/lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack protection.

          LDPDW02 integrates advanced power MOSFET, high-precision voltage detection circuits and delay circuits.

          The L DPDW02 has all the battery protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, charging Overflow, discharge Overflow, load short-circuit, overtemperature protection, and so on, and the power consumption is very low when working.


          L Built-in high-precision voltage detection circuit.

          Overcharge voltage of 4.30 V accuracy ± 0.07 V;

          Overcharge discharge voltage 4.10 V accuracy ± 0.07 V;

          Over discharge detection voltage 2.4 V accuracy ± 0.1 V;

          The discharge discharge voltage is 3.0 V accuracy ± 0.1 V;

          L Internal integration 50mΩ power MOS tube

          L Delay times of all kinds are only required by the built-in circuit(without external capacitance)

          L Built-in two-section objection concept over current protection function(overcurrent and load short circuit)

          L Built-in charging over current protection function

          L over temperature protection.

          L Charger protection against reconnection

          L Battery protection.

          L Charging 0V battery.

          L With self-recovery function.

          L Low current consumption

          Typical value 3.0 μA, maximum 6.0 μA in normal operating state

          Typical value 1.5 μA at low power consumption, maximum value 3.0 μA

          L Wide operating temperature range ? 40 °C-+85 °C


          L Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.

          L Lithium polymer rechargeable battery pack.


          L SOT23-6.

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